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The U.S. average diesel fuel price fell nearly 3 cents from the previous week to $3.01 per gallon on January 27, 5 cents higher than a year ago. The Midwest […] (full story)

FOMC & Trading Levels 1.30.2020 (full story)

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Little snow, warmer days. It’s been an unusual winter. Or has it? For the past four decades, Ohio’s winters have been warming twice as fast as its summers. And the […] (full story)

Mar. corn closed at $3.84 and 1/4, down 2 and 1/4 cents Mar. soybeans closed at $8.93, down 2 cents Mar. soybean meal closed at $296.10, down $1.50 Mar. soybean oil closed at 31.52, up 6 points Mar. wheat closed at $5.62 and 1/4, down 7 and 1/2 cents... (full story)

Big Brazil Soybean Harvest Coming (full story)

A pathologist says areas around Lake Michigan have been the epicenter for corn tar spot, but outbreaks are spreading.  Michigan State University’s Marty Chilvers tells Brownfield corn tar spot was first discovered in 2015 in northern Illinois and... (full story)

...a bigger second downside waterfall event takes place... (full story)

A newly published study reports a successful, first-ever open-field release of a self-limiting, genetically engineered diamondback moth, stating that it paves the way for an effective and sustainable approach to […] (full story)

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All that U.S. heavy lifting to get the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), also known as NAFTA 2.0, is over with President Trump’s signature January 29 fulfilling his campaign pledge to replace the original tripartite treaty – “a nightmare, the... (full story)

Excessive rain paired with less than ideal market conditions can lead to many farmers relying on the Federal Crop Insurance Program to soften the blow of a rough growing season. […] (full story)

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says they’re hopeful the coronavirus outbreak in China doesn’t inhibit the Phase One trade deal purchase goals for this year.  “Travel has been disrupted and I think the last number I saw was 46 million people sheltering in... (full story)

Byline: Successful Farming Staff World Ag Expo is set to host attendees and exhibitors from across the country and around the world February 11-13, 2020 in Tulare, California. Now they will also prepare to guard against... (full story)

Without access to water, tree canopy growth will slow or stop due to the reduction of gas exchange and photosynthesis, leading to smaller canopy size. (full story)

Milk futures recovered some from losses early in the week, and cash dairy prices were mostly steady on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Wednesday.   January Class III milk was up $.02 at $17.06.  February was up $.25 at $17.64. March... (full story)

Trade continued to react to the spreading Coronavirus in China and what it means for the markets, with more attention on the global financial markets. It is quite likely this is where the real impact of the outbreak will be felt rather than the commo... (full story)

Georgia’s cotton crop was decimated by Hurricane Michael in 2018. Now, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension cotton agronomist Jared Whitaker is hoping his research will help alleviate some of the […] (full story)

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The Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Credit Corporation today announced the following prevailing world market prices of milled and rough rice, adjusted for U.S. milling yields and location, and the resulting […] (full story)

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The LSU AgCenter has appointed David O. Moseley assistant professor and state soybean specialist. Moseley has responsibilities for coordinating extension soybean activities, including oversite of official variety trials and off-station […] (full story)

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The Barchart Chart of the Day belongs to the financial services company Moody's (MCO). I found the stock by sorting Barchart's New All-Time High list first by the most frequent number of new highs in the last month, then used the Flipchart f... (full story)

A dairy cooperative leader is encouraged by the signing of the USMCA trade agreement.  Edge Dairy Farmers Cooperative President Brody Stapel says getting USMCA across the finish line was vital. “If we want stability economically, if we want a... (full story)

What's the trade - ES, NQ, Crude, Gold, Bonds. (full story)

Oh, Starbucks. Ye of overpriced coffee from improperly roasted, burned and bitter beans have gone and given me yet another reason to avoid your inexplicably named tall, grande, venti and trenta portioned mediocre java. Starbucks, which sources... (full story)

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President Trump signed the USMCA trade pact at a White House ceremony this morning. Trump called USMCA “a tremendous breakthrough for American agriculture”. “Canada will finally provide great access for American dairy—Canada’s opening up. It... (full story)

Brazilian meatpacker JBS SA has inked an agreement with Hong Kong’s WH Group that will send up to $717 million of fresh beef, pork, and poultry to the Chinese market.  Renato Costa, president of Friboi, one of the two branded products that will... (full story)

Midday, corn is lower by 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 cents. Short covering was a theme yesterday, with preliminary open interest sinking 12,946 contracts. Most of that was in March. Brazil’s first crop corn harvest is an estimated 11% complete, well ahead of th... (full story)

Cotton is back down after Tuesday gains, midday losses are limited to 27 points in the nearby futures. Yesterday, futures closed with gains of 85 to 96 points. The online cotton trading platform The Seam reported Monday sales of 3,646 bales at an ave... (full story)

Kansas City wheat futures are down the most at midday, with losses of 8 3/4 cents in the March contracts. Chicago wheat is also lower at midday with 8 cent losses so far. Spring wheat is down by 6 cents per bushel in the March futures. The French doc... (full story)

Midday, corn is lower by 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 cents. Short covering was a theme yesterday, with preliminary open interest sinking 12,946 contracts. Most of that was in March. Brazil’s first crop corn harvest is an estimated 11% complete, well ahead of th... (full story)

Live cattle futures are 30 to 50 cents lower today. Long liquidation was a theme on Tuesday, with preliminary open interest down 11,373 contracts. Nearby feeder cattle futures are also falling at midday, with the April contracts down the most. Jan... (full story)

Lean hogs are back down after a slight recovery on Turnaround Tuesday. April futures are down the most so far with losses of $2.10. The 01/27 CME Lean Hog Index was up 10 more cents, at $61.74. USDA’s Pork Carcass Cutout was $2.85 lower on Wednesda... (full story)

Soybean futures are 2 3/4 to 3 1/4 cents lower at midday. Yesterday the preliminary open interest increased on the lower prices, up 9,839 contracts. Meal futures are also down $1.80/ton so far today, while soybean oil futures are off 2 points. AgRura... (full story)

A farm accident has claimed the life of a 35-year old central Minnesota man. The Stearns County Sherriff’s Office says Brandon Schaefer of Albany was reported missing Tuesday morning, and found dead a short time later in a grain bin about... (full story)

“On our farm [prevent plant] wasn’t a choice; it was muddy and our tractors would have torn up the ground irreparably—we took a lot of prevent plant,” says DuWayne Bosse, Britton, S.D., corn and soybean farmer and broker for Bolt Marketing. “For the... (full story)

Direct cash cattle trade activity is picking up some.  More bids have surfaced with live bids in the South at $121 and dressed bids in the North at $194.  Those are well below current asking prices of $125 plus in the South and $201 plus in the... (full story)

President Donald Trump signed into law the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement at the end of January. USMCA delivers on one of Trump’s core campaign promises: to replace the North American Free Trade (NAFTA) agreement that the president said has drained... (full story)

Illinois Farm Bureau President Richard Guebert says with the signing of the USMCA trade deal Wednesday, hope is on the horizon for Illinois farmers to sell what they grow. Guebert says the signing continues momentum that farmers have been looking... (full story)

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Edge Dairy Farmer Co-op President Brody Stapel calls the USMCA signing a tremendous victory for America’s dairy farmers. The Wisconsin dairy farmer says it preserves the well established markets of Mexico and Canada and provides even more... (full story)

Source: Iowa Pork Producers Association At the 2020 Iowa Pork Congress, the Iowa Pork Producers Association introduced the 2019 class of Master Pork Producers and Master Pork Partners.    A Master Pork Producer award denotes an individual's or... (full story)

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One of the most reliable seasonal trades has been to... (full story)

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